Homeless Solutions Coalition of Clackamas County

Compassionate and respectful solutions to homelessness through community partnerships.

All In This Together

The Homeless Solutions Coalition of Clackamas County (HSCCC) formed in 2016 when a group of concerned citizens gathered to learn about homelessness, and how to reduce it, and lessen its impact on the community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, motivate, and empower our community to develop and implement solutions to homelessness in Clackamas County.

The HSCCC is a volunteer-led, grassroots non-profit with 400+ participants from diverse community groups, including people with lived houseless experience, educators, business leaders, healthcare professionals, faith-based organizations, law enforcement and city and county government representatives.

We bring people together to tackle issues that have a major impact on all members of our community, emphasizing prevention of homelessness, making it brief, and restoring dignity and meaning to the lives of our houseless neighbors.

Collaborating Partners

HSCCC invites you to join us in our collective efforts to reduce the impacts of homelessness in Clackamas County.

• Clackamas County
• Clackamas District Attorney
• Clackamas Service Center
• Ecumenical Ministries
• Hillside Christian Fellowship
• Law Enforcement-Assisted Diversion (LEAD)
• Love One
• Municipalities
• City of Oregon City
• Oregon City Police Department
• Providence Better Outcomes thru Bridges
• Storyline Community
• Teen Challenge
• The Father's Heart
• And more!

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